Visiting Brewers in Tohoku Region

For our first vacation since opening SAKAYA in December 2007, we closed the store to visit sake brewers in Miyagi, Yamagata, and Akita prefectures. which are located in the Tohoku region well-known for growing rice.

Urakasumi Brewery

We first visited 287 year-old Urakasumi Brewery located outside of Sendai City, Miyagi.

Straining Rice at Urakasumi Brewery

Old fashioned way of straining water using bamboo basket after washing and soaking rice.

Take no Tsuyu Brewery

At Take no Tsuyu Brewery in Tsuruoka, Yamagata.  CEO, Aisawa-san (left) with workers in the koji muro

Take no Tsuyu Brewery

Newspaper journalists taking photo of Rick working.

Imai Brewery

Kamenoi Brewery known for making Kudoki Jozu sake brand.

Sake Tank

Temperature controlled sake tank for storage.

Tasting Moromi at Imai Brewery

Rick tasting moromi at Kamenoi Brewery.

Sankyo Storehouse in Sakata

The historic Sankyo Storehouses in Sakata built in 1893 for rice.

with Kodama san

Dinner with Kodama-san, CEO of  Kodama Brewery in Akita.

Saito san

View of Japan Ocean/East Sea with Sait0- san,  CEO of  Saiya Brewery.

Saiya Brewery

Saiya Brewery in Yuri Honjo, Akita, known for Yuki no Bosha brand.

Sake Yeast and Takahashi Toji

Takahashi Toji talks about sake yeast at Saiya Brewery.

Asamai Brewery

At Asamai Brewery in Akita, known for Ama no To “Heaven’s Door” brand sake.

Sample of sake and food at Asamai Brewery

Moriya Toji, brewmaster of Asamai Brewery, famous for his love of cooking, served us some of his otsumami (sake kasu marinated food) with the freshly pressed Ama no To sake.

Moromi at Hinomaru Sake

Moromi at Hinomaru Sake Brewery.  Rice used in this moromi is Sake Komachi rice.

Takahashi Toji at Hinomaru Brewery

With Hinomaru Sake Brewery’s  Takahashi toji (seems to be a popular name for toji in Akita!)

Mr. Konno with Koji Mold

Microbiologist, Dr. Konno with koji mold produced by his company.

Ito san's Home

Visiting Mr. Ito, the president of Akita Seishu Brewery, maker of Dewatsuru brand sake at his historic home.

Old Fune

Very old-school fune (sake pressing machine).

Akita Seishu Sake Tasting

Tasting the newest sake brand at Akita Seishu Brewery.

Yokote Station

Trying to find Yokote Station on snow covered street in Yokote, Akita.

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