The Best Way to Learn About Sake


As friends of SAKAYA with more than a passing interest in sake, we wanted to make you aware of the very best way to learn all there is to know about it in just three days!  It is sake expert/educator John Gauntner’s Sake Professionals Course.  As January 2007 graduates, we found that it not only provided the comprehensive knowledge and fundamental understanding that we needed to build our business, but also put us in touch with an indispensable network of friends and kindred sake souls with whom we have a lasting bond.   At the time that we took the course, it was only offered in Japan but since then John has begun to offer it at varying locations in the U.S.  San Francisco is the site for this June.

Whether you are already a sake enthusiast or have always felt that you wanted to delve more deeply into it, this is your opportunity to get the most thorough indoctrination into all things sake!  As John guarantees, once you have completed this course, there will be nothing that anyone can ask you about sake that you won’t have covered.

John Gauntner, the premier authority on sake will be offering his Sake Professional Course in San Francisco on June 20, 21, and 22, 2010.  The course is geared towards those working in the restaurant industry, but is open to anyone is  seriously passionate about the subject and/or is seeking to start a sake career.

The course is the most thorough English language sake education to be found anywhere.  Attendees will learn not just about the technical aspects of sake brewing, but will also participate in sake tastings which focus on differences in rice varietals, types of sake yeasts, and regional styles.

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  1. Timothy Sullivan Says:

    Great Recommendation! John is da’ man! If you seriously want to learn about sake, this is the course to take!

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