SAKAYA’s Super Bowl Selections

Instead of the usual beer, chips, and pizza, shake up your Super Bowl Party by serving a new brew…sake! Sake may be for sumo you say, but the Super Bowl? Of course! Wine-not! After all, there’s an historical association between Rice and the Super Bowl going back to the days of Jerry and the 49ers. (Ouch! Sorry about that!)

Here’s our recommended game plan…

Kickoff with a light, easy (as in Eli) Miyasaka Yawaraka Junmai with a bowl of boiled sea salt-dusted edamame.

If you’re a Brady fan, you may want to go with the clean, heroic notes of Sougen “Pride of the Samurai” Junmai along with some micro-waved frozen shumai and/or gyoza.

Warm up for the Second Half with some warmed up sake like Kamoizumi Shusen “Three Dots” Tokubetsu Junmai or Tengumai Junmai Yamahai. These are perfect with smoked, rich, robust dishes…think sausages of any sort or a hearty lamb or beef stew.

Or, maybe you just bring out the big guns for your feast with one (or more) of our 1.8 liter ishoubin of food friendly sake Otokoyama “Man’s Mountain” Tokubetsu Junmai or Okunomatsu Ginjo.

Whatever your Super Bowl plans might be, come visit us at SAKAYA for some ideas to put a new spin on the menu (and what to drink with it) for this year’s game.



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  1. Dylan Says:

    Looking forward to trying the “Easy Eli”

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