Plans Complete…Construction Phase Begins

On Friday we signed off on our architect Tsuruta-san’s final plans setting wheels in motion for the build out.   FYI Tsuruta-san’s previous work includes Jewel Bako, Chikalicious, both Momofukus,  Soto, and Kyotofu.  We couldn’t contain our excitement as we finally reached the point where the transformation of our barren store of eight months will begin to take shape soon.  First step is acquiring the building permits of course, which will probably take about two weeks.  After that, construction is anticipated to be another three.

In the meantime, we’ve been attending sake distributor events over the last couple of weeks tasting our palates off to determine which tasty brews to offer our customers when they (you) walk through our door for the first time.  We’re planning to open with about 75 – 80 different sake to start but, believe it or not,  it’s really tough to keep it to that number!  Don’t be surprised if the selection exceeds 100 or more in short order.

We’ve been excited about Sakaya ever since the idea came to us but, now that we’re on the verge of beginning construction, we wanted you to know that it won’t be long now until there’s a place to go to indulge your passion or curiosity about sake!


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