May Tastings

We begin the month with two tastings of the last wave (and best in our opinion) of the special Spring release namazake.   Next is the debut of the sake from the latest importer to make their brews available in NYC, Sake Story.

And finally, with brewers making their annual mid-May visits to NYC,  we have a full schedule of tastings to offer visitors the opportunity to meet them and sample their sake.

Please join us!


Rick & Hiroko

Friday, May 1, 6 to 8PM

Japan Prestige Sake Spring Nama Tasting

Saturday, May 9, 3 to 6PM

Japan Prestige Sake Spring Nama Tasting

Thursday, May 14, 6 to 8PM

Sake Story Selections Sake Tasting

Saturday, May 16, 3 to 6PM

Daimon Brewer Sake Tasting

Sunday, May 18, 3 to 5PM

Tentaka Brewer &  Kanbara Brewer Sake Tasting

Friday, May 29, 6 to 8PM

Naruto Tai Brewer Sake Tasting

Sunday, May 31, 3 to 5PM

Onikoroshi Brewer Sake Tasting

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  1. Tyler Says:

    Sounds fun. I don’t know. I just can’t do Sake. Something about it. I think its the fact that its always warm. It’s like I’m drinking hot water with alcohol. Is there such a thing as cold sake? Or does that defeat the purpose of Sake?

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