SAKAYA’s Best Selling Sake for 2010

As we begin 2011 it’s time to take what has become our annual last look back to share the list of our customers’ favorite sake from the just completed year.  This year we’ve added a new wrinkle to our reporting by separating what has previously been one list into two;  the first for Seishu (refined sake) and the second for Specialty Sake (e.g. Nigori, Sparkling, and flavored).   Each list is posted separately.

So, without further adieu we give you the countdown of our top 10 selling seishu

10.  Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai (Hokkaid0)

Dry and easy to drink, the best example of dry Junmai sake

9.  Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri Junmai (Nagano)

Medium to light body, it is smooth and goes down easy.

8.  Masumi Arabashiri Junmai Ginjo (Nagano)

The best spring namazake of 2010!  Fresh and lively, it makes people smile.

7.  Kokuryu Gohyaku Mangoku Junmai Ginjo (Fukui)

Who can say “no” to Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo?  With its silky smoothness  and great body it is a great accompaniment for any food.

6.  Jokigen Junmai Ginjo (Yamagata)

Cool label with smooth rice flavor, it goes down easy and quick.

5.  Denemon Junmai Ginjo (Niigata)

Hint of peach and honeydew on the note, it is great to drink by itself or with food.

4.  Narutotai Ginjo Nama Genshu (Tokushima)

Bold and distinctive!  Its body and smoothness will match with beef and hardy food.

3.  Suigei Tokubetsu Junmai (Kochi)

The basic table sake of  choice, it is dry with good body.

2.  Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo (Yamaguchi)

If you have never had sake before, start with Dassai 50.  It is an elegant and beautiful sake.

1.  Kikusui Funaguchi Nama Genshu (Niigata)

Who can resist this bright, bold sake in a pocket-sized can?

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