Dinner with Food & Wine Editor

We’re delighted to be mentioned in the November 2009 issue of Food & Wine magazine.  Early last Spring when Dana Cowin, the editor of F&W, asked us to be her Japanese food guides, we were happy to introduce her to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Kyoya in the East Village.

In traditional Japanese style, we ordered a variety of dishes from vegetables to fish to meat.  With Hiroko acting as interpreter, Chef Chikara Sono graciously took the time to answer Dana’s questions, as she carefully inspected the ingredients in each dish, even making notes on their colors as displayed on the plate.

Dana and Rick have known each other since they both joined Food & Wine in 1994 (she as the Executive Editor and he as Associate Publisher).  Not only was it fun to assist in the development of the story, it was also a  pleasure to sit down and share some incredible  food with an old friend.

To read the entire story, please click here.

Rick and Hiroko on Food & Wine November 2009

Rick and Hiroko in Food & Wine November 2009

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