SAKAYA is open!

Sakaya Store 1 12/6/07

Sakaya Store 2 12/6/07

It has been nearly two years since our dream for SAKAYA was born. Today that dream becomes reality! We thank everyone who has helped us to find our path and to stay on it.

Please come visit us to say hello and to explore and sample some of our 85+ sake.  You’ll find everything from a smooth Honjozo masquerading as a humble Futsu-shu to an earthy, “mushroomy” Yamahai to an elegant, delicately floral Daiginjo.

Coming soon…


5 Responses to “SAKAYA is open!”

  1. RichardA Says:

    Congratulations on your opening and lots of luck! I read about Sakaya in Food & Wine magazine (Jan.2008). I am a big fan of Sake and am so glad to see another all-Sake store in the U.S. I look forward to visiting your store during my next visit to NYC.

  2. Robert-Gilles Martineau Says:

    Dear Rick and Hiroko!
    Greetings and my most heartfelt congratulations!
    At long last there is a real hope for sake to be known for its just value!
    Count on me to follow you along!

  3. Keith Norum at Masumi Sake Says:

    Dear Rick & Hiroko,
    Congratulations and a big KANPAI on your opening!
    The shop looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to pay you a visit the next time I’m in NYC.
    All the best,
    Keith Norum
    Masumi Premium Sake

  4. RichardA Says:

    Congrats on your opening! I am a big Sake fan and am glad to see another all-Sake store in the U.S. I have been to True Sake in San Francisco and am glad to have an all-Sake store much closer to me. I look forward to visiting your store the next time I am in NYC.

  5. Leian Says:

    Hi Rick -
    Congratulations to you and Hiroko – the store looks lovely. We may stop in next weekend… What a great post-F&W gig- and I’ll bet you’re thrilled. Many many congratulations again – I know Sakaya will be a success.

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