Celebrating our First Six Months

Holy koji-kin! Hard to believe but it’s already been 6 months since we opened our doors in December. In the brief life of SAKAYA, we’ve been honored and excited to have had a steady stream of kuramoto (sake brewers) from some of Japan’s most distinguished breweries visiting the shop to pour their sake for our eager-to-learn customers.

To celebrate SAKAYA’s six month anniversary we wanted to thank them for their friendship and support by sharing this photo gallery commemorating their first visits to our shop.

It’s difficult to find the words that adequately express our gratitude to our friends, customers and new friends from the sake world for the enthusiastic reception and support that SAKAYA has received. We thank you all VERY much and look forward to sharing more sake experiences together with you!


Daimon san, Kitahara san, Kuji san

from left… Mr. Yasutaka Daimon from Daimon Shuzo (12/11/07), Mr. Tsushima Kitahara from Yamanashi Meijo, a.k.a Shichiken brand (1/4/08), Mr. Kosuke Kuji from Nanbu Bijin (1/12/08).

kikusui, hakkaisan, dassai

from left… Mr. Takeshi Endo & Mr. Daisuke Takasawa from Kikusui (1/22/08), Ms. Kumiko Kurosawa from Hakkaisan (1/30/08), Kazuhiro Sakurai from Asahi Shuzo, a.k.a. Dassai brand (2/1/08).

kagatobi, kohiyama, tentaka

from left… Ms. Sachiko Toshioka & Mr. Junichi Yageta from Fukumitsuya a.k.a. Kagatobi brand (2/22/08), Mr. Shunsuke Kohiyama from Takasago Shuzo (3/4/08), Mr. Munenori Ozaki from Tentaka Shuzo (4/5/08)

John Gauntner, Sudo, Imada

from left… Sake Handbook author Mr. John Gaunter (4/5/08), Mr. Yoshiyasu Sudo from Sudo Honke (4/5/08), Ms. Miho Imada from Imada Shuzo (4/5/08).

chikurin, otokoyama, tamano hikari

from left… Mr. Niichiro Marumoto from Marumoto Shuzo a.k.a. Chikurin brand (4/7/08), Mr. Hiroyuki Yamazaki from Otokoyama (4/12/08), Mr. Kenzo Mabuchi from Tamano Hikari (4/24/08).

kamotsuru, saiya, fukumitsuya

from left… Mr. Manabu Shobayashi from Kamotsuru Shuzo (5/15/08), Mr. Kotaro Saito from Saiya Shuzo a.k.a. Yuki no Bosha brand (5/16/08), Mr. Junichiro Yageta from Fukumitsuya a.k.a. Kagatobi brand (6/4/08).

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